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Interested in teaching English as a foreign language?  Looking to develop your career?  Our globally respected teaching qualifications are the ideal route into the English language teaching profession. Our qualifications and courses offer more experienced teachers the chance to develop in a structured, progressive way, in line with the Cambridge English Teaching Framework. Choose Language School Mexico City! Learn more about our English Teaching Qualification Courses in the following links:

Learning Spanish

Language School Mexico City

We offer wide variety of Spanish language learning programs to suit every need. Our Spanish courses are designed both for effectiveness and to make  the most out of your time in Mexico City. Choose Language School Mexico City! Learn more about our Spanish courses in the following links:

English Language Learning

Language School Mexico City

Known across the world, a Cambridge English exam opens doors to jobs and further study. We a wide variety of English courses for certified learning. Choose Language School Mexico City!  Learn more about our Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses in the following links:

About Us

The Learning & Teaching Studio is a Cambridge English Language Assessment Authorised Centre located South of Mexico City with a wide variety of English and Spanish courses and certifications. Our language school has been built on a genuine passion for providing the very best in English and Spanish language learning, with our students benefiting from qualified, experienced teachers and a friendly, professional academic and welfare team. We seek to suit every english and spanish language learning need, therefore offering a wide variety of spanish courses, language immerssion programs, exam preparation courses for foreign students, teachers, expats, businessmen and corporations.

Our English teachers and Teacher Trainers are certified by the University of Cambridge.

Cambridge English Language Assessment Authorised Centre

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“Our courses promote the discovery of culture and the experience of learning another language with emphasis on oral communication.“